Thursday, November 1, 2012

Azbukica 1 vs. Ćirilijada 1

Azbukica 1 and Ćirilijada 1 contain the same elements. The difference between these issues is that Cyrillic block letters are introduced in alphabetical order in Azbukica 1 whereas in Ćirilijada 1 these letters are introduced following the complexity in the writing of each letter. 

Since some consonants (O and U) are introduced at the end of the issue in Azbukica 1, Izazov+ has been added. In Izazov+ children are getting familiar with the syllables and other grammar terms.

You can choose between these two study materials or you can use for instance Azbukica 1 as a test material. After Azbukica 1 it is recommended to proceed to Ćirilijada 2 to exercise the block Cyrillic letters as well as to get familiar with the rest of the grammar terms.

Azbukica 1 can be downloaded from page Download [6-9] and used as other issues (see: How to use the study material from this site).At the end of the same page you can find the solutions of Azbukica 1.

The name ‘Azbukica’

The idea was to name this issue by a diminutive of the word ‘Azbuka’(the name of the Cyrillic alphabet). However the opinions about the correct word of Azbuka’s diminutive differ. Is it correct Azbučica or Azbukica as in the case of rukica-ručica? Since it is unusual to make and use the diminutive of the word ‘Azbuka’, it has been chosen the name ‘Azbukica’ as a special given name that is easy to remember. 

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