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Mission, vision and strategy of Slovce

Slovce is a portal for Serbian language.
1)      Slovce supports children in diaspora to master the Serbian language.
2)      Slovce supports adults wanting to learn the Serbian language and acquaint themselves with Serbian culture.
Slovce intends to be one of the leading websites on learning and teaching the Serbian language (and culture).
Slovce intends to realise the vision by:
  • being a portal for other websites on learning and/or teaching the Serbian language;
  • publishing modern study material for learning Serbian language that can be downloaded free;
  • publishing a map of the world showing the location and contact details of Serbian language schools (outside Serbia) and Serbian language tutors (giving online and/or private lessons);
  • posting ads for activities and services related to Serbian language and/or culture;
  • helping would-be students of Serbian to find a Serbian language tutor;
  • giving a platform to and cooperating with all enthusiastic people wanting to share their knowledge of Serbian language and culture with others.
  • inviting anyone interested in promoting the Serbian language and culture to contribute to Slovce’s mission.

Study material

Latinijada, Ćirilijada & Azbukica

Purpose and target groups

This study material is composed for bilingual (or multilingual) children who have some basic knowledge of the Serbian language, such as children who speak Serbian at home with a (their) parent(s), but live outside Serbia.

The study material can be utilized by children to learn the Serbian language, and by parents and teachers to teach children the Serbian language.

The study material can also be used by adults who want to familiarize themselves with the Serbian language.

The concept and its special nature

The study material is made in form of presentations and converted into pdf files. These presentations can be downloaded and printed out. They can be used to study the language by reading and filling in the given exercises.

The study material is attuned to the world of children and their living environment and covers the curriculum for the main target group: the Serbian alphabets, reading and reading comprehension, writing and grammar.

The material begins with an introduction of, and exercises with, the Latin Serbian alphabet. Hereafter the Cyrillic alphabet is dealt with. This order has been applied because teachers of Serbian language in Western countries found out that children learn the Serbian language easier and quicker with the Latin alphabet. The reason is that the Latin alphabet is almost the same as the alphabet of the language used in the country where the children live.

Another distinctive feature of this material is the exercises in which children have to compare Serbian language rules with those of the language spoken in their country. In this way they will discover some common ground between the two languages.

The grammar presented is simplified to focus on linguistic usage and not on rigid grammar definitions and clustering. This principle is often applied in foreign language textbooks.

The study material is illustrated to make it appealing for children. The realization of this study material is the result of an enthusiasm for teaching the Serbian language to children. The illustrations used are borrowed from the Microsoft Power Point program. This is because the Power Point illustrations meet the requirements of the study material and because this material is made without financial support. The full reference of the Microsoft Power Point program used, is given in the beginning of each pdf file of the study material (see section Download [6-9]).


Lately, many Serbian language schools have been closed. Parents and teachers in schools still open are forced to find their own way in teaching the Serbian language with the available material. The available material consists mainly of textbooks for Serbian natives.

This study material has been made to overcome these problems and to help children, parents and teachers to learn or teach the Serbian language in a simplified, modern and dynamic way. The material has been tested on children and teachers and has been well received.

Latinijada, Ćirilijada and Azbukica can be downloaded form page Download [6-9]. At the end of this page there are the solutions of these issues. The letters are introduced in Latinijada & Ćirilijada in order easier to learn writing, whereas Azbukica is a study material to learn handwritten and block letters of Serbian Cyrilic alphabet in the alphabetical order. 

Other available issues:

Posters with Latin and Cyrillic alphabet

Posters with Latin and Cyrillic alphabet can be downloaded from the page Download [6-9]

Frazice, Receptići, Listići, Srce života

Frazice and Frazice_vežbe (exercises) are specially made for children in diaspora and give an overview of the most common phrases and expressions in Serbian a child would need while visiting relatives and friends in Serbia.

A colection of recipes of simple meals that children love to eat in Serbia ('Receptići') can be found on page Download [9+] . The recipes are simplified that children can prepare the meals with a bit of help of an adult.

ći are new issues for children (Listice_kids na strani Download [9+] and adults Download [18+]. They are giving an overview of the most common similar words in English and Serbian language.

Srce života (Heart of life) is an new issue for children and adults. It presents relatives and relations in a familty. It can be downloaded from page  Download [9+].

Your Experience of Serbia (YES) & Serbian for compete beginners

Your Experience of Serbia (YES) is meant for adult tourists who would like to learn basic phrases in Serbian language as well as to have a short overview of sightseeing sites. At the moment there are two issues called Your Experience of Serbia (YES): one issue is meant for Serbia in general and the other one is a special edition for tourists visiting Novi Sad.

Serbian for complete beginners can be downloaded from Download [18+] and is meant for adults who are getting familiar with Serbian language. The audio version of this booklet can be found on page Audio.

Audio versions

Various audio issues can be found on page Audio.


The user of the study material downloaded from this website is kindly invited to e-mail suggestions and comments to slovceblog@gmail.com or to post them via this weblog/website.

Terms and conditions of use

Everyone is invited to use the study material made available via this website to study Serbian language.

Attention: Use of this study material or any part of it for commercial purposes is NOT ALLOWED!

Keywords: Serbian language, study Serbian, learn Serbian, Serbian words, Serbian books, Serbian for children.

Privacy policy

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Contact via email
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Reading competition "Čitalići Slovca"
Reading competition “Čitalići” is organized in Serbia. The part of the competition special for the diaspora "Čitalići Slovca" is coordinated via blog Slovce.

If you would like to participate in reading competition "Čitalići Slovca" you need to provide personal information such as: e-mail, name and surname of the teachers of the Serbian language school, the name of the school, city and country in which the school is, the names and surnames of the children participating, age of each child, signed agreement for participation in the competition. This information you should send to slovceblog@gmail.com. Slovce blog passes this information to the committee of the reading competition in order to evaluate the work and to the organizer of the "Čitalići" in Serbia in order to issue awards and acknowledgments. If you want your data to be removed, please send a request to slovceblog@gmail.com.

If you send a donation, PayPal sends your personal data necessary to facilitate the transaction (https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-prev) to slovceblog@gmail.com. This information is registered for the tax purposes.

Map of Serbian language schools
You can send information about your school that you want to be put on the map with the schools of Serbian language at slovceblog@gmail.com. The data will be removed from the map if requested via email (slovceblog@gmail.com ).

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  1. Sounds like a very innovative idea!
    I will try to improve my Serbian!

  2. This material looks great! Thank you so much for making it available. My daughter (12) has just started to learn Serbian.

  3. Thank you! Great to hear that! For any comments and/or suggestions, please, e-mail to slovceblog@gmail.com

  4. Thanks for the great material! I just started learning Serbian!