Sunday, July 8, 2012

New on site: Posters Latin and Cyrillic alphabet

On page Download [6-9] you can download the posters with Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. The original size is A3, but you can also print it in a smaller size. In the next post it will be more said about the printing options.

There are four posters:

Latin letters of Serbian alphabet are shown on the first poster. The second one contains the Cyrillic letters of Serbian alphabet. Those two posters are illustrated and beside the print (block) letters the handwritten letters are also shown of both, Latin and Cyrillic alphabet.

In the third one there are Cyrillic letters written under the Latin ones in order that corresponds to the Latin alphabet. It is meant for people who are learning Cyrillic alphabet and are familiar with the Latin one. Adults trying to learn Cyrillic alphabet can use it as well. 

In the fourth one, Latin letters are written under the Cyrillic ones in order that corresponds to the Cyrillic alphabet (azbuka). Children who know the Cyrillic alphabet can use this poster to quickly find the Latin version of the letter.

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