Thursday, May 24, 2012

New on the website: YES

On page Download [18+] there are two new issues dedicated to adults. These materials are meant as small tourist guides for people visiting Serbia. They are based on Frazice (see page

The basic issue is called Your Experience of Serbia  abbreviated YES. There is also a special issue made for visitors of Novi Sad (YES_NS).

What contains YES?
In this guide you can find the following:
- Pronunciation of Serbian letters;
- Basic words and phrases;
- Examples of conversations in various situations (e.g. in a restaurant, on a petrol station);
- Suggestions (what to eat, what to visit…);
- Map(s) with some sightseeing tips.

Why this guide?
It is very difficult to find books for foreigners with the basic phrases in Serbian, because they are printed in a limited edition and sold out quickly. YES is meant to solve that problem.
Despite the fact that nowadays more people speak foreign languages and more restaurants have the menus in English, this did not become a standard yet. Moreover, every foreigner is not familiar with the typical Serbian dishes. Therefore, some suggestions of what to eat and drink are given in this material.
Some tourists would like to try to make a small talk in a language of the country they are visiting or they might come into a situation that the interlocutor does not speak any foreign language. YES gives the basic situations the tourist might get into.
People, who travel a lot and have just a few days to visit a city, usually do not like to carry around a lot of prints with the city information. YES gives the basic information that can be useful to the visitor on a short stay. 

What is specific for YES?
YES is specific by the following:
- It can be always downloaded for free from internet and printed out (completely or a part of it);
- It contains basic information about Serbian language, phrases and words;
- It gives examples of various situations a tourist can get into;
- It gives tips for traditional dishes, sightseeing…;
- It contains a map with basic information to easily find your way and also some sightseeing tips;
- It is thin, concise and easy to bring along.

Who is the target group?
It is meant for adults, because it contains some suggestions for alcoholic beverages as well more complex phrases and situations than Frazice

These guides you can download from the page Download [18+]

In the next posts it will be said more about each issue. 

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