Friday, February 10, 2012

Latinijada 1 (English version)

Print (block) letters of Serbian Latin alphabet are introduced in Latinijada 1.

A few examples of the words containing this letter are given on each page where a new letter has been introduced. Writing of small and capital letters can be practiced in the given exercises on the same page. One extra exercise with this letter is added at the end of this page.

After first fifteen letters there is Izazov (Challenge). In Izazov there are several exercises with the letters learnt. Subsequently, new letters are introduced and Izazov comes after a set of five letters.

You can download Latinijada 1 from page Download [6-9].

Concept and general characteristics of this study material are given on page English/Engleski and post Concept of Latinijada 1-4 and Ćirilijada 1-4.

Short guideline through the study material is presented in post How to use the study material from this site.

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