Monday, February 6, 2012

Concept of Latinijada 1-4 and Ćirilijada 1-4

A few words about the concept of the study material: First, Latin letters are introduced in the first four issues Latinijada 1-4. After that the Cyrillic letters are introduced in Ćirilijada 1-4. The reason for this approach is given on page English/Engleski.

The print (block) letters are introduced in Latinijada 1-2 and Ćirilijada 1-2, whereas the handwritten letters are exercised in Latinijada 3-4 and Ćirilijada 3-4. This is specified as well in the title of each material (see Download [6-9]).

In the issues Latinijada 1&3 and Ćirilijada 1&3 the letters are introduced. On the page where a new letter has been introduced and practised, there is one extra exercise with this letter. These exercises differ from page to page to make the material more interesting for children. After introduction of several letters, there is ‘Izazov’ (‘Challenge’). The exercises in ‘Izazov’ are made to practice the  letters learnt.

The letters learned are exercised further in Latinijada 2&4 and Ćirilijada 2&4.

The idea of the whole study material was to work with terms and sentences familiar to children and to avoid uninteresting repeating of the same exercises. The exercises are designed to be in line with modern developments (e.g. mentioning SMS etc.). More about the adopted concept you can find on page  English/Engleski.

Short guideline to this material you can access in post How to use the study material from this site.

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