Friday, May 25, 2012

How to use YES

It is very simple:

1. Go to page Download [18+]  and click on YES (or YES_NS) for download. 

2. Print  YES. There are two options for printing: 
  • Format A5: This format is recommended, because it is more convenient for traveling. To get this format you have to choose option 'booklet' for printing (two pages of the text will be printed on one A4 page). It is very important to print double-sided to have pages printed in the correct order. Fold the pages in half and staple them in the middle. 
  • Format A4: This is a standard format and it is not necessary to print double-sided. 
3. Consult internet and/or some books for more information on tips given in these issues.

More about YES you can find in the post New on the website: YES.

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