Monday, April 2, 2012

'Frazice' suitable also for children in Serbia

Frazice can be used also as a small study material to learn phrases in English (or another language) by using phrases in Serbian. Therefore, this material can be used also by children growing up in Serbia to learn phrases in English or some other language. There are just a couple of typical Serbian terms (like ‘burek’). These terms you can substitute by some other terms typical for English-speaking area or some other area.


- To learn and practise English:

First, children read the right column (Serbian version of a phrase). Then they can read the English version of this phrase in the left column.

- To learn and practise other language:

Write down the translation of the Serbian phrase on the line in the left column (under the English text). When a child reads the phrase in Serbian, he/she can find the translation of this text in the other language in the left column.

Frazice you can find on page Download [9+]. How to print them you can read in post  How to use Frazice.

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