Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New on site Slovce: Frazice_vežbe (exercises)

Frazice_vežbe (exercises) are made based on the new material Frazice.You can download it from the page Ekstra/Extra.
In this study material the following can be practised:
  • Making and completing phrases and expressions in Serbian. This can be done by using illustrations and/or sentences written in English. The concept of this material is made in such a way that a child does not have to speak English to be able to do these exercises.
  • Translation of Serbian expressions in English or any other language (i.e. the language of the country where the child lives).
Target group
This study material is meant for somewhat older children. The age is not indicated, because a knowledge of Serbian language is the most determining factor as well as the ability of a child to make a translation of simple sentences from Serbian in another language and vice versa.
It is necessary that the child speaks relatively well Serbian and that he/she is able to translate sentences from Serbian in another language and vice versa.

It is important to read the guideline given in the beginning of the material. This guideline gives a short explanation how to use this material.
You can print out the material in A4 or A5 format as explained in the post How to use Frazice .
Frazice can be used as solutions for Frazice_vežbe(exercises).

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