Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Books and reading promotion 'Čitalići 2013'

An event to promote books and reading called 'Čitalići' took place in Aleksinac county. The event was organised by local school libraries in collaboration with public library ‘Vuk Karadžić’. The coordinator of the event was Maja Radoman Cvetićanin, who managed to involve ten schools from four municipalities, the public library in Aleksinac, the local media, teachers, pupils and parents.

Part of the event was a competition. There were two categories of competition: the ‘creative’ category, a competition for pupils writing the nicest, most interesting and original impression of books of their choice, and the ‘marathon’ category, a competition for pupils reading the largest number of books. A separate category was 'a smart one', a competition for pupils giving the best answers to questions about prescribed books. The winners in all these categories received a badge.

More about this event can be read in the Serbian language blog 'Акција промовисања књиге и читања ,,Читалићи2013'' ' The event will take place again next year. If you are interested in participating or sponsoring, please contact

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