Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rules for posting an ad on Slovce

To post an ad the following rules apply:
  • The topic of the ad must have something to do with Serbian language (or any other Slavic language in former Yugoslavia).
  • The ad can be in Serbian (or any other Slavic language in former Yugoslavia), English and/or Dutch language.
  • The ad is free of charge if your ad is a wanted ad (i.e. if you are in search of a language teacher, a language book, etc.), or if your ad advertises a non-commercial language activity or a school in diaspora.
  • Commercial advertising will be available soon.
  • Text of your ad must be sent to
  • Slovce reserves the right to refuse your ad if the content is inappropriate or does not comply with the rules given above.
  • If your text complies with the rules, Slovce will post your ad as soon as possible.
The ad wil be published on the page Oglasi / Ads.

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