Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Receptići (English version)

This is collection of simple meals children in Serbia love to eat. This collection has been written in two languages: Serbian and English. It has been divided into two parts: the first part with dishes that can be served as appetizers or main dish and the second part with recipes for sweets.

The recipes are simple. Some original recipes are simplified so that children can make them easily with a bit of help of adults.

Adult assistance
Adult assistance is necessary to measure the ingredients and to assist with cooking, frying, baking, cutting; with all of the things that children shouldn’t do alone. This nice thing is that children will spend quality time with their parents, grandparents, aunts etc. while preparing the dishes.

Age indication
This recipe collection is placed in the section Download [9+]. The is just an indication. It is important that children have some motoric skills developed to be able to cook.   

Purpose and target groups 
‘Receptići’ is meant for everyone who wants to have fun and make simple, fast, delicious and healthy meals to eat.

This collection of recipes can be used also by adults who were brought up in Serbia or the surrounding area and would like to remember the old recipes or by foreigners who would like to prepare a new, unusual meal. Therefore, the recipes are translated in English.

Teachers can use this issue at school. They can ask pupils to make some dishes at home and share the meals with friends at school. They can as well ask children to write down their favourite recipes.

Furthermore, you can print this issue on high quality paper and laminate the cover pages or put the print in a nice map and give it to someone as an original present.

Relation to the language
At a glance, it seems that this issue has no relation with the language, but there is a useful relation. By using the recipes children can learn the terms used in the kitchen as well as the basics of measuring. Therefore, this issue is also educative.

Origin of the recipes
In the title of the issue it is written ‘Simple meals loved by children in Serbia’ and not ‘traditional Serbian meals’. This because nowadays it is very difficult to distinguish what are typical Serbian dishes due to the multicultural influence in this region. The idea was to make a collection of recipes from that area that are loved by children that grew up there and to make others familiar with them. Finally, there is an open space for you to add a recipe of your pwn to prevent to be forgotten by the generations that come.

The author is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injury to any person suffered while preparing the dishes and sweets in this collection of recipes.

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