Sunday, May 27, 2012

More about YES

Your Experience of Serbia (YES) is meant for tourists who are visiting Serbia and are interested in learning the basic phrases in Serbian language as well as to have some practical information.

Unlike the usual guides and language books, this material gives the basic phrases for situations where a tourist can get into as well as tips what to eat, drink and visit. Some typical dishes from this region are marked. Of course, the list of dishes and drinks is not complete due to the limited space.

There is also a list of sightseeing tips. This information is indicative, because tourist who are visiting a country for the first time usually would like to know in general what is interesting to visit. The idea is to use this list and map as an inspiration to organize the trips. If a visitor has more interest in some of the attractions or a region, he/she can search for detail description and other recommended sightseeing on other websites.

In the post How to use YES you can find a guideline for printing this material. In the post New on the website: YES you can read more about the specific features of this material.

This material you can download from the page Download [18+].

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  1. YES! When I’m going to Serbia again, I’ll carry your fine and useful little phrase books for tourists with me. And YES! It was very simple indeed to print them as recommended: A5 booklet, full colour, double sided. I had a good time glancing through these carefully edited editions. Hvala!