Saturday, March 10, 2012

New on site Slovce: Frazice

A new material has been placed on the new page Download [9+] and you can download it. The name of this material is Frazice. This means in Serbian 'small expressions'. This material contains a collection of usual Serbian expressions/phrases that can be useful to a child visiting relatives and friends in Serbia.

As a model for this material, books for travelers with similar expressions in different languages were used. But, this material is adapted to children's needs and contain the most common situations a child could get in.

Frazice is designed to be printed out in a small format easy to carry with and be used as a reminder of some words/expressions. It is meant for somewhat older children who can read well and independently move around. 

How to print out Frazice in the most suitable format and use it, it will be addressed in the next post.

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  1. Best wishes for Frazice, your new language book for children!