Monday, March 5, 2012

Ćirilijada 4 (English version)

As the handwritten Latin letters have been practised in Latinijada 4, the handwritten Cyrillic letters have been practised in Ćirilijada 4. Ćirilijada 4 is meant for practising the handwritten Cyrillic letters learnt in Ćirilijada 3 .

The purpose of the exercises is to practice writing, reading, text understanding and grammar. There are a few exercises where a child should make a simple comparison of some rules in Serbian language with the rules of the language in the environment where he/she lives. In this way the child makes a connection between the two languages. This is also a distigushed feature of this material - it is adjusted to kids living in diaspora.

You can download Ćirilijada 4 from page Download [6-9]. At the end of this page there are the solutions to this material. More about the Solutions is written in post Solutions.

Concept and general characteristics of this study material are given on page English/Engleski and in post Concept of Latinijada 1-4 and Ćirilijada 1-4 

Short guideline through the study material is presented in post How to use the study material from this site.

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