Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to use the study material from this site

It is very simple, but still herewith a short guideline:
1.    Read more about this material on page English/Engleski if you want to learn more about this site and the material.

2.    Go to page Download [6-9] and click on material you want to download.
You don’t have to register to download the material.
Download is for free.
At the moment you have a choice between the material to study and learn Latin and Cyrillic alphabet (print and handwritten letters) ans solutions of the study material. Soon some othe issues will be available.

3.    When you open the material, you can print it out directly or save it.
You can print the whole material or a part of it. It can be print out in black & white or in colour. Most of the exercises is not necessary to print in colour, but children would enjoy it more.

4.    Give the printed material to the children to fill it in.
The exercises are mainly intuitive, but a small help of adults is needed (for instance, in reading the text of a problem for children who do not read yet).
Optional: The study material can be used by adults as well (e.g. adults who want to learn Cyrillic alphabet).

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