Saturday, May 16, 2015

e-word Summer Camp

Within the program of our Summer camps, we concentrate on children’s education, and organize a program for the parents as well. That way, parents are able to spend some quality time with their children, or to choose activities for themselves.

The offer is for children older tan 7 years. For the children younger than 7 years, we require them to be accompanied by an adult.

Duration of the camp: 7 nights, 8 days – 19th-26th July 2015

Application deadline: 29th May 2015


Languages - Serbian, English, Italian, French and German.

Science - The science program in e-word leads the children through the magical world of nature and natural occurrences.

Arts&Crafts - Through these workshops, the children gain practical skills which develop their intellect and creativity.

Logical thinking - Creative and logical thinking and concluding are the key in any activity of a child or an adult.

Culture and Customs in Serbia - People, languages and culture are all intertwined forming customs of each nation, and make a unique picture of that nation.


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