Monday, January 30, 2012

Serbian language - books for children in diaspora

Serbian language is not an easy language to learn especially due to its complex grammar. The situation for children in diaspora is even more difficult due to the lack of proper books. The questions ‘Where can I find adequate books for children to learn Serbian language?’ and ‘How children abroad can learn Serbian at all?’ is coming back every now and then in some forums. Unfortunately, these questions are sometimes answered with “Just speak Serbian to your children.” This is, of course, not enough and it cannot substitute study material.

The study material on this site - Slovce (see page Download [6-9]) is made to help children in diaspora to learn Serbian language. In the test phase of this material it has been noticed that the material is interesting for children due to its diversity and modern topics and it can be used with the minimum help of parents and teachers. It can be used as well as a supplement of the books that Ministry of Religion and Diaspora of Republic of Serbia published in December 2011 on its site (

New (2013): This link doesn't work anymore. The new link you can find in the message Books for studying Serbian for primary school pupils in diaspora.

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