Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maps with Serbian language schools abroad

On Slovce you can find a map with Serbian language schools for children in diaspora. This map gives an overview of Serbian language schools and makes easier for parents to find a school in their neighbourhood.

Serbian language schools abroad have usually very few children and the information about the schools is limited. Therefore, it is not easy for parents to find the school for their children in the place they live.

This map gives an overview of the schools with available contact information.

How to use the map
A small map is placed on the right-hand side of this page. A medium sized map is placed on the page Linkovi/Links. You can search these maps or click on the link below these maps to display a full-screen map.

When you’ve found the school you are interested in, click on the school symbol (the yellow house) and a balloon will be presented. In the balloon the name and place of the school is given, as well as a link to the school’s website or to a site with contact information about that school.

Information about the schools
Information about the schools is obtained from internet. Unfortunately, very few schools have their own website. Most of the information is published in newspaper articles often lacking contact information. Therefore, the list of the schools on the map is not complete and Slovce is not responsible for the accuracy of the information.

Your school on the map
If your school is not on the map or the information is not correct, please, e-mail the update to slovceblog@gmail.com and the information will be uploaded as soon as possible.
If you wish, tell us about your work and Slovce will gladly publish your story on the front page. In that way your school will be found easier by the search engines.

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