Thursday, December 20, 2012

Commercial ads on Slovce

Slovce offers you the opportunity to put your commercial ad on the website’s ads page.

Commercial ads are considered ads that offer at a charge private language lessons, language books, language learning software and the like. The language must be the Serbian language or any other Slavic language spoken in former Yugoslavia.
How to put a commercial ad on Slovce?
1.     Send an e-mail to with the (draft) text of your ad. If required, Slovce can make the final draft and propose it to you. The text of the ad can be in Serbian (or in one of the other Slavic languages in former Yugoslavia), English or Dutch.
2.     Donate € 10,-- (ten euro) to Slovce to help Slovce covering internet and website maintaining costst. You can make your donation by clicking the button ‘Donate’ on the right-hand side of the page (note that the button only works on www.slovce.blogspot and not on just www.slovce).
Your ad will be put on Slovce’s ads page as soon as your donation is received. Upon request, Slovce will publish a one-off post about your ad on Slovce’s home page at no extra charge.
Your ad will be published on Slovce’s ads page for one year (or for a shorter period, if requested). When the (agreed) advertising period comes to an end, Slovce will contact you to discuss a possible extension.
Non-commercial ads
Wanted ads (see the post ‘Rules for posting and on Slovce’) and ads promoting Serbian language schools for children abroad (see the post ‘Special call for Serbian language schools in diaspora’) are considered as non-commercial ads and will be put on Slovce’s ads page free of charge. Donations are not required, but will be highly appreciated. 

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