Monday, November 26, 2012

Azbukica 2 vs. Ćirilijada 3

The topic of Azbukica 2 and Ćirilijada 3 is the same. In both issues children are getting familiar with Cyrillic handwritten letters.The difference between these issues is that Cyrillic handwritten letters are introduced in alphabetical order in Azbukica 2 whereas in Ćirilijada 3 these letters are introduced following the complexity in the writing of each letter. 

As in Azbukica 1Izazov+ has been added at the end of Azbukica 2 . In Izazov+ children are getting familiar with the simple grammar terms and/or practice grammar already introduced in the previous issues: Azbukica 1Ćirilijada 1 and Ćirilijada 2 .

You can choose between Azbukica 2 and Ćirilijada 3  or you can use for instance Azbukica 2 as a test material. After Azbukica 2 it is recommended to proceed to Ćirilijada 4 to exercise the hadwritten Cyrillic letters as well as to get familiar with the rest of the grammar terms.

Azbukica 2 can be downloaded from page Download [6-9] and used as other issues (see: How to use the study material from this site). At the end of the same page you can find the solutions of Azbukica 2.

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