Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ćirilijada 1 (English version)

After Latin letters have been learnt, it comes a set of study material where the Cyrillic letters are introduced. In Ćirilijada 1 children are getting familiar with the print (block) letters of Cyrillic alphabet.
First, the letters that are the same in both alphabets are introduced followed by the letters that are similar to Latin alphabet. Finally, the  Cyrillic letters that are completely different from Latin letters are presented.
Text of an exercise is written in Latin letters that children could read it on their own. After all Cyrillic letters are introduced, text of a problem has been written in Cyrillic letters. In that way, children can also extra practise reading of the text Cyrillic alphabet.
Grammar is simplified. Grammar definition are reduced to minimum and the focus is on a use of the words as well as the grammar rules as it has been done in modern books for studying foreign languages. This approach has been used to make the study material more practical.
As in the previous material in which the Latin letters have been practised, the writing, reading, text understanding and drawing logical conclusions has been done here as well.
Ćirilijada 1 can be downloaded from Download [6-9]. At the end of this page there are the solutions to this material. More about the Solutions is written in post Solutions.

More about general concept of this study material you can find in post Concept of Latinijada 1-4 and Ćirilijada 1-4. A short guideline how to use this material is give in post How to use the study material from this site .

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