Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More about YES_NS

Your Experience of Serbia_NS edition ( YES_NS) is meant for tourists who are visiting Serbia and Novi Sad. Novi Sad gets lately more foreign visitors due to the music festival Exit as well as some organized tourist visits. The idea of YES_NS was to merge the basic phrases in Serbian language and practical information in one issue easy to carry along.

The first part of YES_NS, that introduces Serbian phrases, is the same as in a general issue YES.  The maps of Novi Sad and Novi Sad centre are shown in the second part. There are given some sightseeing sites that a visitor can come across while walking in the city as well as some practical information. On the websites about tourism in Novi Sad there are more information and some sightseeing info that are not mentioned in YES_NS due to limited space and conciseness.

In the post How to use YES, you can find a guideline for printing this material. In the post New on the website: YES you can read more about the specific features of this material.

This material you can download from the page Download [18+].

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