Thursday, November 15, 2012

Special call for Serbian language schools in diaspora

Slovce calls on Serbian language schools (for children) abroad to advertise and promote their school (curriculum) for free on Slovce website.

How to advertise on Slovce?
  • You can post an ad on Slovce page Oglasi/Ads.
To do so, you can send your ad to
For more info, please, read Rules for posting an ad on Slovce

  • You can place a link, with or without a banner, on Slovce page Linkovi/ Links.
      To do so, you can send a request and a banner to

Why to advertise and promote your school?

Despite the fact that more and more Serbian language schools abroad are closing down, there are still some active schools. These schools face yearly decreasing numbers of pupils. This trend threatens their continued existence. 

On the other hand, there are quite some  parents all over the world who would like their children to attend Serbian language courses. The problem is that information about these schools is often limited available or not available at all. Sometimes an article about a Serbian language school abroad is published, but without contact information. If this school does not have a website of its own, it is almost impossible to find the school.

This lack in information about Serbian language schools is very discouraging for parents who moved from one place to another abroad and who are not (yet) in contact with people from former Yugoslavia to obtain some information.

Slovce now offers schools and parents a helping hand. Via Slovce, schools can advertise and promote their curriculum on the world-wide web for free. More and more people are visiting Slovce every day and Slovce appears in search results often on the first page. If you post an ad on Slovce, people interested in Serbian language schools abroad will find you.

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